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Oil and Gas

Communication Solution for Oil & Gas Sector

Communication is key to the success of any project and If you’re an oil and gas company, you know that your infrastructure is just as important as the products you produce. But with remote locations, it can be hard to get in touch with your team or customers.

We’ve developed solutions that address the challenges of making sure everyone on the team can get their work done, no matter where they are.

Use Cases

You can optimize your cloud spending by integrating our Third party solution to cloud. Using this solution you can Track, Control, Optimize your cloud spending.

Admin of the cloud can Stop, Delete and Monitor the VM’s running on cloud. Can check the last login of the VM, Under usage of the VM.

Using our VOIP solution including software and Hardware. Companies can use our solution with their VSAT, Optic Fiber, Internet, Microwave Medium to transport Voice, Data and internet connectivity using this solution.

Data remote storage is a very crucial part. Oil&Gas are mission critical companies, data loss or slow data processing can kill the organization. This vertical of business needs high data availability, high data connection, most of this data cannot be public, so companies needs such remote data storage solutions which can’t be on public clouds like AWS S3 Buket, Google Drive, One Drive or any other shared storage solution. We are symcloud provides a separate data warehousing solutions, where Oil& Gas mission critical companies can save their data without fear of data loss or data integratrity. We at symcloud assures our users data to be stored in a safe vault.

Oil&Gas companies are mission-critical companies, they have a legacy of storing data in their own data centers. But now companies are moving to public clouds and are making their VPC on public Clouds. Problem arising is that old companies have a lot of data in their data centers, companies like to move their data to public cloud but usually market solutions are super expensive.

We at symcloud provide data modernization, we not only migrate the data but we also help our customers to migrate their running VMs and Kubernetes cluster from On-Prem to Public Cloud. We help our customers to access their data over local IP using our VPN solution. This VPN can access user data using only VPN connectivity. This VPN tunnel will only allow users to connect to their respective VPC’s within the facility.

Using our Symcloud solution Admin Users can monitor resources being used by their VM or VMs. Users can customize the view of the resources of the VM. Like: RAM, Storage, Read&Write Speed, Internet speed, CPU Usage, I&O ports of VM etc.

SymCloud's Solutions & Services

Cloud Infrastructure

We provide infrastructure over the cloud to setup your ERP and access it from your head office or remote locations over broadband internet.

Turnkey Solution

We can resolve your communication infrastructure to cater voice, video and data over LAN or WAN with on field/ remote support. We deal in IP-PABX, IP Phone (Audio/ Video), Networking & passive equipment.

Technical Support

We backup our solution with technical support either remotely or on the field covered with Support Level Agreements (SLAs). Our objective is client focuses on its prime business while we take care of all their communication needs.

OGDL, Oil & Gas Development Company Limited, with their head office in Islamabad needs to communicate with multiple locations where oil & gas exploration is taking place. We provided them a turnkey solution covering more than 40 remote locations in Pakistan and connecting them for voice and data with their head office.

Time & Cost efficient, this entire solution is available with us!



Attendance Management System

Universities and Schools have almost the same set of requirements. Has the student entered the institution premises, is he in the class or outside within the premises, time in/ out of institution, is the student healthy (Covid Condition) or may carry disease to others, in which case, he/ she need to be isolated. These decisions, need to be made in a flow with very little human interaction for the students to be in time for their studies.

Their assignments, their tests results, their attendance, etc. are all available on the net. Students can avail facility of distant learning without missing his/ her classes even if he/ she are out of institution campus.

This entire solution is available with us!

Use Cases

Imagine an institution starting at 8am in the morning. It runs multiple courses and each class holds 40+ students. There are altogether 3500 students.

Inducting all the students in the premises in time while isolating sick students from the healthy without human interaction is the first hurdle to cross. Students may be coming on foot, in a car or a bike is another aspect to cover.

Students may be within the institution premises but may not be attending the class or may be using proxy attendance is another
issue to handle.

How SymCloud facilitates Education Sector

Required Infrastructure

The solution is a combination of infrastructure and dedicated software. Hardware is needed to track students’ movements while software makes calculated decisions according to given situation.

Required Software

Institutions are only aware of Moodle, which is just a Learning management software taking care of syllabi, contents, etc. But we need to auto update it with student attendance for example. Student in campus but not in class need to be isolated from the one attending the class for example.

The idea is to develop an Attendance Management System that uses the power of AI and Internet of Things. The proposed system will help in reducing the number of students bunking the class.

Time & Cost efficient, this entire solution is available with us!


Production & Manufacturing

Over the Cloud ERP Solution

Your Business needs things to be done well, reliably and management is confident that outcome will happen as expected:

  •  Over the Cloud ERP Solution
  •  ERP tailored to serve clients’ business/ pain areas
  •  Data Migration
  •  Cloud & ERP Supported by SymCloud at affordable rates

Use Cases

The advantages of using ERP are evident. It identifies in-efficiencies in existing manual systems and converts them into efficient system for business planners/ displaying actual situation for planners. Digital Transformation was an On premises solution deployed on computer servers. However, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) started climbing and companies started looking for alternate methods of using the technology. Therefore, ERP solution providers started putting up their platform on the cloud and configuring the platform as per client requirements. Clients only pay for monthly subscription for the cloud while payments are made upfront for the ERP setup and licenses.

SymCloud's Services for Production & Manufacturing

LAN Environment

Our experience with enterprises are that their LAN infrastructure is usually in shambles as different people handle it at different times with no proper documentation or timely maintenance. Hence their LAN may need restructuring in cabling, IP planning, LAN/ WAN Policy settings, Secure Connectivity to the Cloud, Securing LAN from Viruses and Hackers, protecting data on the cloud, etc. all come under this purview. It is an optional service for our clients to avail.

Support Infrastructure

Support Level Agreements (SLA) offer Trouble Ticketing System for logging complaints and monitoring response as per agreed terms with clients. Our MALT (Monitoring & Alerting) System allows client to monitor their servers on the cloud on their own for proactive management. Clients can setup alarm thresholds on their own and system will inform them status over email or SMS.

Cloud Infrastructure

We offer Managed Services along with Cloud infrastructure as a One Window operation.  It covers Firewalls, VPNs, Access Control, User Authentication, etc. Draw maximum from SymCloud Platform.

A business with head office in Islamabad, Production facility in Lahore and Procurement in Karachi needed integrating their business under one platform to monitor procurement, manufacturing and sales using SAP Business One ERP platform.

We setup their LAN environment resolving their networking issues, placed their SAP Business One on the Cloud and provided them with secure connectivity for 24×7 operation at affordable rates.

Time & Cost efficient, this entire solution is available with us!

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All you need to do is to STAY CONNECTED!

SymCloud gives you your office on your desktop or on your mobile no matter where you are. All you need to do is to STAY CONNECTED!

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Follow us

All you need to do is to STAY CONNECTED!

SymCloud gives you your office on your desktop or on your mobile no matter where you are. All you need to do is to STAY CONNECTED!

© 2022